4Cross Battle of Nations

Battle of Nations

Teams ready! Attention! Go!

For the first time in 4Cross race history there will be a new event held – called „4Cross Battle of Nations“. 2 Elite riders will start as one team representing their nation. A maximum of 8 teams will be allowed to start.

The qualification will be based on an online-voting which will be evaluated during the week before the race. The best 8 teams will be allowed to start according their voting results.

The finals will start with the 1/2 (semi) final base and there will be two runs of it (one for team rider 1 and one for team rider 2).

The teams have to declare before the finals which rider will start in which heat including the possible big final heat. For each heat the team will be awarded with a point per rank. The 2 teams with the lowest points will proceed to the big final (in the case of a tie the team with the better qualification/voting will advance).
Example: Team rider 1 will be first rider crossing the finish and team rider 2 will come in second which gives a total of 3 points.

The battle will take place directly after the European 4Cross Race at 18:30 on the 4Cross race course.

The entry for the teams is free. Only preregistered teams are allowed to start (Deadline 15.09.2018):

Registration Form

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