4X Pro Tour Round 5, Belgium

As the season is moving on, it was time for the last round of the 4X Pro Tour already.

With my teammate Ingo Schegk I trevelled to Malmedy, Belgium.

The track was not that technical but fast and steep for sure. Then the rain came in it was all about cornering skills, so I decided to race on my Bergamont Kiez Slope full suspension bike.

I had good fights through the rounds and made it to the main event where I finished 3rd and got my 4th Pro Tour podium of the season. My good and constant results through the season put me in 3rd place in the Overall Pro Tour Ranking. After the disappointment at World Champs this made me happy again, I nearly forgot how well my season went.

Breaking the happiness of this weekend was the horrible crash of my teammate Ingo who broke his femur. Hope u get back soon!

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