Bergamont European 4Cross Series Round 1, Homberg (CH)

After preparing for the 2016 season for months it was finally time to get back to racing. The season kicked off with the first round of the European 4Cross Series. The Dual Eliminator in Homberg is known as a mudfest at ist best.  After struggeling to get together good runs down the slippery course in the previous years, I managed to get a top 5 finish last weekend. Eventhough the result is not what I am normally able to deliver, I’m pretty happy with how things went for me. Getting a few serious race runs dialled in difficult race conditions is the best prep for the season I could wish for. Also It’s very good to see so many elite riders line up for the first round of the new European series.12472606_10209177775940947_9014429821023235603_n

Next up for me will be a round of the Pump Battle World Series at the Rocket Air Slopestyle and round two of the European 4Cross Series in Winterthur!


Foto: Peter Hirzel


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