Flashback European 4Cross Series, World Championships, 4X Pro Tour

Another season has ended last weekend. It was a year containing everything, great successes, bitter defeats but many good and important experiences after all.

European 4Cross Series

The European 4Cross Series , containing 10 rounds held in Germany, Switzerland and Italy were a big deal this year. I raced 6 rounds and brought home 3 victories, finishing in 2nd place in the overall ranking.


World Championships Val di Sole, Italy

It was the big goal of my season and I felt so ready for it – the World Championships. My shape was perfect, but it turned out that my mind wasn’t. I crashed out in quarters on the first straight, so I finished in 14th spot. That was one big disappointment, it just shouldn’t happen this year.


Foto: Florian Gärtner, canonite.ch

National Champs, 5. MTB-Festival Leibstadt

The Swiss National Championships were held in Leibstadt, the place where my local club keeps organizing one of the best events of the year, every year. I like the track, the atmosphere and the people around.

In timetrials I set the fastest time by nearly one second. The harder it was to lose it before the last corner, I just made too many big mistakes. One more lesson was learned, a Silver Medal was won.

4X Pro Tour

Because of a collision of dates I decided to skip the last round of the European 4Cross Series to race the final round of 4X Pro Tour at Azur Bike Park in the South of France.

I was in a good mood, chilled out and ready to perform. Fitting my bad health condition this year, I got sick before the first practice. What could I do, I went to the drugstore and made it work somehow for that one last race of the year. Despite my physical weakness I performed well. My mind was ready this time and I finished in a strong 6th place. In the overall I was surprised to make it on the podium coming in 5th, eventhough I missed the round in Scotland. I’m happy to end the season with positif feelings after going through all sorts of troubles this year.


For that occasion I want to thank all my sponsors for supporting what I do. Thank’s everyone for making it happen!

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