About me

Hey there! My name is Simon Waldburger, Im 19 years old and Im from Hottwil, Switzerland.

Simon Waldburger

I’ve been riding bikes for about 10 years now and Im more into it than ever before. I love riding my bike all day and all I think about is how I can do better and improve my riding.

Since 2006 Ive been riding the Swiss and German 4Cross Series as an amateur before I changed to the elite mens category in 2010 as a junior. At the same time I started racing the UCI 4Cross World Cup Series. Since then, Ive been travelling around to get to these races and thats what I like. Im always excited to see new places, meet new people and ride my bike on all kinds of different tracks. After a bad accident in 2011 at the UCI World Cup in Italy I fought my way back and I could manage to get back into the game.

Even though I have a pretty competitive charactere and I like to battle it out on the race track, I really enjoy hanging with my friends, rampin dirt trails or going for an enduro ride.


name: Simon Waldburger

birthdate: 26th February, 1993

hometown: Hottwil, Switzerland

height: 175cm

weight: 74kg

discipline: 4Cross

riding since: started XC Racing in 2002, started 4Cross in 2006

hobbies: pumptrack, snowboarding, going to the movies

rolemodel: Connor Fields, BMX

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