JBC 4X Revelations, Czech Republic

Last weekend it was finally time to race in Czech Republic again. Super excited and nervous at the same time is the mix you are going through at this event. The track is so nasty and difficult, spectators going crazy and the best riders in the world on your left and right, that’s JBC Revelations.


The weather was really bad untill qualifying. As probably anyone else I suffered many hard crashes in practice. For my qualifier I had the track dialled, laid down a smooth run and set the 4th fastesttime

On raceday I was getting sick, but the use of much medicine made my start possible. I didn’t feel that bad though, the track dried out and I was ready for the show. I went through my 1/8 final easily to qualify for the quarters. Having a World Champ as well as Pro Tour winner next to me, I had it all to do from the inside. My gate was good, but not good enaugh. Pressure came from the outside and I had nowhere to go.. in affection I missed the flag, so my race was over. Huge bummer for me after feeling really fast the whole weekend, but that’s racing.


Unfortunately my desease went on and got major, so I was taken to hospital. I’m still recovering there, not losing the faith to be back at the European Series round in Italy next week.

I’m glad to have souch great sponsors on board who keep my game up, thanks guys!!

Check out the official Track Preview with Tomas Slavik, Felix Beckeman, Quentin Derbier and me as well as the official video! Link below.



Fotos: Rick Schubert



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